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Movers & Shakers; Carmin Black TOP

I am so amazed the by brother and sister team Christin & Carmin Black, the force behind Half United. I met Christian first. He was in highschool and was dating Hannah, one of our employees at the time. (who is now his wife...aaawww) Carmin was off traveling the country with TOMS shoes. When Carmin returned from the internship with TOMS she mentioned that she had an idea and asked if I would meet her & some friends for coffee and discuss what she was dreaming up. A handful of us gathered at Port City Java as Carmin began to talk about what she had been dreaming up. I could see the fire and passion as she spoke of using fashion to feed! I knew there was grateness in the works. Weeks later they had created their iconic Fighting Hunger Bullet necklace. They used a bullet casing,  something that can be seen as a negative and transformed it to something good.  Of coarse I was so honored when they asked if Hallelu would be the first retail store to sell Half United.

-Tell me a little about your did you happen to go from journalism to Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer and Philanthropists? Funny, si nce fourth grade I wanted to be a journalist. In fact, one summer in college I was awarded a spot in the  prestigious  "UNC in Washington" program. Only three students from each NC state university were selected, and I was one of the three from ECU- it was a huge honor. The internship I landed was at ABC News, and because I worked hard they often sent me out to cover major stories and really big interviews. There I was, a 19 year old college student interviewing people like Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi. I loved my time at ABC and thought- "this is it! I am going to do this for the rest of my life." To be honest, I loved doing the interviews, and the rush of gathering information from powerful people, but when I had to go back to the news station and write the story, or put together the video to air on the news I wasn't fully in love. I  suppressed  my feelings, and instead when I graduated college I went straight into reporting tv news at WECT here in Wilmington. There I made some amazing friends, but fully discovered that news, especially when it was not as exciting as interviewing  Hillary  Clinton was just not for me. I left news and decided to take an internship/job at TOMS. My job at TOMS was to travel the country in a 15 passenger van and stop in various cities and states to do speaking engagements about the TOMS one for one business model. I fell in love! I loved the idea of speaking to people, using fashion to change the lives of those in need, and traveling. I was hooked. After I left TOMS I started HALF UNITED with my brother and the rest is history!
-How did you go from touring the country with TOMS to founding HALF United? Was there an specific Aha moment? While I was on the road at TOMS I called my brother and was like "Christian!! I am traveling all over this country in a 15 passenger van and college kids are coming out in droves to hear about TOMS- I really think there's something to making purchases with purpose. We have to do this!" To be honest with you, before I was picked to participate in the TOMS "Vagabond Program" I never dreamed of starting a business.  I loved fashion, and I loved philanthropy but never thought the two could be combined to create one company. TOMS taught me anything is possible. They paved the way for me and for others like me- I'm so thankful for the experience I gained while there. 

-What is the creative process? Do you design the HALF lines around each season? Do you have a design team? O ur designs are based on an annual design calendar. For example I am working on Fall/Holiday '16 right now, and will show this to buyers in the early Spring for their Fall orders. In the past we've used various  designers to help us execute our collections, but presently  it's  just me creating the prototypes for what we will soon be selling. It scares me sometimes to be the only one designing, but when I create something that our team sees and loves I know it will sell. If I design something our team is bored with, I know it will probably fall flat. Right now our creative team greatly reflects our target market so having an internal sounding board is incredibly helpful!

-We love that HALF is a family run organization. What are the struggles and benefits of working with family?
The biggest benefit  is that working with my brother makes it super fun to come to work everyday! You know your family will love you regardless of what goes wrong, and you get a lot of quality time with the people you love. Working daily with your family also means there is always someone around to tell you exactly what they really think (which is sometimes NOT what you want to hear), and they will most likely not show you the standard or expected respect that a regular co-worker or employee would!

-You must have to do a lot of travelling to promote and grow HALF. What does your travel schedule like?
I'm always going somewhere. Because there are fashion hubs on both coasts you can find me in crossing the country often. I
still attend all of our trade shows in order to stay in touch our buyers and create relationships with new brands and boutiques- our shows take place in NY, Vegas, and in Atlanta so 4-6 times a year I'm travelling between these cities. I look
forward to the day when traveling for HALF UNITED means going abroad for both work and  giving trips.

 -What are your "must have" travel essentials?
 You'd be so shocked at how little I usually pack. I must have makeup, workout gear, great undergarments, flats, one pair of heels, and great basics. I usually do a nice dressy top, black jeans, a few other shirts and one dress or skirt. If it's cold outside I'll do a cozy sweater that comes in a neutral color and a fun coat. I am usually not staying in one place for more than 3-5 days, so I mix my tops and bottoms around so I don't have to take much. Baggage fees make me angry so I try to get away with a carry on whenever possible!

-HALF is not only fighting hunger here in the US but also in Haiti, Cambodia and Fiji. How do you set up partnerships with these countries? They've all happened really naturally. Either we knew a family member or friend who led us to an organization that needed our help, or we've actually visited a country and met the director of an organization in person. We do our best to partner with small organizations so that that the money we donate for food stretches a long way.  

-How do you go about forming partnerships with mega corporations like Nordstrom and Barnes and Noble? This is all by "chance." Our buyer from Barnes and Noble found our brand in Nordstrom, and our Nordstrom buyer found our products in a showroom we worked with in LA. I've met other buyers at trade shows. I think the best bit of advice is to put your brand out there as much as possible- the right people are constantly looking and they will notice.

-Rumor has it you have been to the White House... tell us more I was asked to speak to the NC Congressional Delegation about business in NC. I was given this invitation by Congressman M ike Mcintyre. Speaking on Capitol HIll was such a rush! I loved getting to speak to our congressional leaders about business in our state, and why I feel each business should add philanthropy into their business model. I've never met the President or the First Lady, but I felt very connected to what they face everyday simply by speaking in an arena where they live and work.

-What is on the horizon for HALF? Internally we are always working on  future growth, how to lower our costs, and expand/perfect our giving model. Externally we are planning ways to expand our brand's reach through more complex marketing  strategies . In business, the plan is always "growth". If you're not growing in business you're stagnant and that's never good. I am doing all I can to help my team foster growth- it's very challenging, and very exciting.

-How can an average girl/guy like me get involved and help support HALF? Buying our products is the easiest way- for every
HALF UNITED product you purchase we give seven meals to a child in need. You can do this in awesome stores like Hallelu, (wink wink) or on If you're in Wilmington, you can also volunteer with us in 2016!  Sign up for our newsletter and we will send out email blasts with opportunities and volunteer updates. 

-Any advice for someone who is aspiring to start their own brand? HAVE A PLAN!! If you don't have a plan for how you will launch a product, and how you'd like to grow you're probably are not ready to establish a viable brand.  From the start you should be able to articulate your startup costs, define your brand, have reliable sources lined up for producing your product and have the funds to produce and put them out into the market. My brother and I started our business with $200 but for the first three years neither of us were paid, we didn't know what we were doing and have only recently understood just how challenging business really can be. When it comes to dealing with the IRS, paying employees, putting out quality products, and then growing on top of it all- it can be a lot. If you're afraid that's OK! Fear is sometimes a great driver of success, but if everything I've listed sounds like too much to bear entrepreneurship might not be for you. Being an  entrepreneur  is not always fun.  If you're someone who  doesn't  love being overworked and underpaid, if you'd rather have security, a steady paycheck, and set hours you should probably not start your own company! 
Inspiration Lab! TOP

The Inspiration Lab, a special luncheon and speaking series that brings together women in our community. For our 3rd luncheon we will gather on the top floor of Bluewater Grill in Wrightsville Beach. Along with lunch and beautiful views of the Intracoastal, we will be hearing from two authentic and inspiring woman who will discuss leadership and team building from unique perspectives.
Get to know Catherine Yearwood, founder of Hallelu Boutique and Katrina Knight, Executive Director of Good Shepherd Center:
The Speakers:

Catherine Yearwood founded Hallelu Boutique in 2005 with little more than a newspaper ad calling for local ladies to come shop and sell at the freshly converted, vintage laundry matt. In the earliest days, the floors still bore the scars of the industrial washing machines where Catherine had actually played as a child in the downy fresh heat of summer as her mom washed and folded their family clothes. Catherine grew up 2 blocks away in the family beach cottage never dreaming she'd one day get to be a vibrant part of the Wrightsville Beach business district. Today the shop floors have had a facelift and what was originally conceived as a high end consignment shop is a carefully edited boutique and retail destination. 
In addition to her Wrightsville Beach heritage, Catherine also draws inspiration from her long line of entrepreneur influences. Watching her parents found numerous successful startups, Catherine by default had a drive to pursue new ideas and opportunities.  It wasn't until she moved to San Diego after high school however, that she discovered her love of the fashion industry.  "I scored a job at a local Surf Shop and was quickly promoted to a buyer position. It was the first time I loved my job so much that I couldn’t wait to go to work everyday."  When she and her husband Dave relocated back to the East Coast for his job she quickly realized the limited opportunity in Wilmington for fashion buyers. Catherine, driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, decided to create an opportunity and the seeds for Hallelu were planted.  This shop was just a dream that became a reality through lots of prayer, hard work and support from family & friends!
"One of my main goals for Hallelu was to create an environment of encouragement, whether it was for our customers, the budding designers looking for a place to sell their designs for the first time, or for our employees.  10.5 years later we've had the opportunity to employ and mentor some amazing young women. Some have gone off to start their own fashion companies, retail websites and boutiques.  Others have realized their passions for professional artists, photographers, stylists, graphic designers, etc.... These women and our passionate customers are what keep me excited and motivated about my job everyday!"
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Katrina Knight

Born in Atlanta, GA, Katrina grew up outside Washington, DC.  She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian from Grinnell College and spent the following 4 years in Greensboro, North Carolina, overseeing service learning and volunteer programs for Guilford College.  She spent the next 7 years in St. Louis, MO, working for Habitat for Humanity and neighborhood-based community development programs.  In 1999 she received a Master of Social Work degree with concentrations in Management and in Social and Economic Development from Washington University.  
She became Executive Director of the Housing Resource Center, the largest provider of homelessness prevention and intervention services in that community, and remained in that position for 5 years.  While in St. Louis, she began pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Missouri.  She also spearheaded the creation of an Affordable Housing Database for the St. Louis region during her leadership of the Affordable Housing Coalition.
Katrina moved to Wilmington in 2004 to serve as Executive Director of Good Shepherd Center.  In this role, she oversees fundraising efforts, program development, and service delivery of Good Shepherd’s many programs, including a Soup Kitchen, Day and Night Shelters, Medical Clinic, and transitional living center for homeless veterans.  Katrina served on the Board of the NC Coalition to End Homelessness for three years and is currently on the Advisory Board of the Cape Fear region’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.
In 2015, Katrina received the Albert Schweitzer Honors Scholar award from UNCW recognizing her outstanding contributions to humanity.  That same year, Katrina received the Health Care Heroes award from the Greater Wilmington Business Journal for community achievement for collaboration with the New Hanover County Health Department in providing an on-site medical clinic at Good Shepherd Center.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (EDT) - Add to Calendar
Bluewater Grill - 4 Marina Street , Wrightsville Beach , NC 28480 - View Map


Wilmington Fashion Week TOP

We are so excited to be showcasing at Wilmington Fashion Week on Friday April 1st. Buy tickets here
Movers & Shakers : Hannah Lynne TOP

I have admired Hannah since the day I met her. She has a kinetic energy that is both infectious and exhilarating. When talking to her you can practically hear her creative gears spinning at a rapid speed which makes you want to hang onto her every word and try your hardest to keep up :)  You'll get it after reading her interview... prepare to be inspired by her relentless vision for growing a dream!

Hannah and I worked together at last year's Wilmington Fashion Week.  She was heading up hair and makeup team during the frantic rotation of models.  I was in in awe of how she was able to seamlessly pull off elaborate hairstyles in a matter of seconds, direct all the other stylist, and keep all of us laughing in the midst of the chaos.

Catherine- Hannah, tell us a little about your background that lead to discovering your passion

Hannah "I didn't grow up like a lot of hair stylists who just KNEW, and had played with their friends hair or their own for years so it was a no-brainer to enter the field. I came in delayed, after graduating UNCW and being set on pursuing a career in Public Relations. After whining to my roommate and good friend about everyone else going off to grad school or moving for a job and feeling unsettled with my future, and she was the one to say, "well you've always liked getting your hair done, what about hair school?" I think I mentioned in another interview recently, I definitely rolled my eyes at the idea!! I signed up for Cosmetology school anyway the following fall to give it a try, and ended up falling in love. The artistry of hair, the sculpting of shapes, the science behind the composition and chemical side, it was all a NEW world. I was so academically minded all of my life, and never considered myself "artistic." It it was truly a challenge and my passion flared pretty instantly!"
Catherine: -We have heard that you are a veteran at NYFW. Tell us how you broke into doing runway

Hannah "Ah, "veteran" is a scary word! It comes with far too much expectation, so I don't about all that! But I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work 10 seasons now of NYFW, so approximately 70 shows, crazy. In hair school, I discovered styling and "finishing" hair was what I really loved, and it began with entering and winning a school competition. I believe that gave me my confidence, and I decided to move to NYC a few weeks after finishing hair school (sans job I should add! So if you're thinking about it, just DO IT!). I knew I wanted to work at Cutler Salon because of their presence in NYFW scene, and  I had seen their work in magazines. I applied, and of course they had no openings, so I decided I would never see these people anyway, so what would it hurt to stop by a couple times a week and keep asking. Eventually, a month or so later, I got a job! At that time the salon was very generous in training their apprentices to become part of their fashion week teams that they sent out through Redken. I started working at Cutler in March, and by September dove into the manic 16-hour days, 8-9 days in a row, living off catering from backstage that is FASHION WEEK. It's insane and intoxicating, and I am so humbled that even when moving back to Wilmington, my old team invites me back each season."

Catherine: "Yes, I love your persistence! I think when it comes to chasing your dream, No doesn't really mean NO unless YOU give up"
Catherine: -What is a day in the life of Hannah Lynne at NYFW like?

Hannah "Well it definitely varies depending on call times, but let's go with the early ones. 6am call time, so waking up at 4:30am and throwing on a different combination of all black than I wore the day before, finding the closest Starbucks that opens at 5:30am, jumping in a cab and arriving to show location by 5:50. I check in with the production team, and roll my 30-40 pound  hair kit to find the backstage area, and set up my tools. The lead hair stylist arrives and grabs the one model that showed up on time (kidding, but not really) and demos the look. The hair team of 10-15 stylists watches intently as we are expected to replicate EXACTLY that same look on each model, no matter their hair type or length. We then have until dress rehearsal at 9am to get most of the models done. The hair team then watches the dress rehearsal to note who still needs done or fixed, and scrambles, carefully of course, to finish the remaining 5 or 6 in the last 20 minutes before they're called for showtime. You usually never work alone on a model, at least 2 hair stylists, a makeup artist and a nail artists surround her! The show's producer then begins yelling the models are needed NOW for the show, and voila, like that everyone has magically been finished! From there I either head backstage to help the lead hair do touch-ups, sneak out through security to watch the show, or head to my next call-time of 11am for a 3pm show that afternoon. REPEAT. Potentially, and in many past instances, leaving the 3pm show to head to a 5pm call time for a 9pm show. Then I stumble into a cab, ordering food from to deliver wherever I'm staying, eat in bed, and CRASH. Extremely glamorous, I know. ;)"
Shop Hannah's Look (Top, Skirt, Shoes
Catherine: How did you go from NYFW to now owning Beauty Bar Salon?

Hannah "Not by planning it, that's for sure! I moved back to Wilmington to regain life balance and reunite with my now husband, who patiently supported me in a long-distance relationship. Before moving back, I wanted to work in a salon that felt like it could be in New York City. I loved the energy and how fashion was seamlessly a part of the every day salon culture. I found Beauty Bar Boutique online, applied and again there wasn't a position, so I kept stopping in until there was! Roxanne, the previous owner, graciously made a space for me sharing a chair with another stylist. I worked there for a year and a half, before the discussions of her moving on to focus on her family, and the idea was planted of me taking over began. I was honored and floored, I was actually pretty set to keep doing editorial, but once the idea was planted  I couldn't seem to get it out of my head. I hugely admired Roxanne in what she had created, and how she led the staff. She is an incredible woman, and boss, so it was big shoes to fill! But I believed, and believe, in creating an environment where the stylists are continuously educated to be the best talent they can, have team-oriented personalities, and give 100% of themselves to our clients, making everyone feel beautiful and valued. It's coming on 2 years, and the time has FLOWN. I love my job, I love my team, they keep me going & inspire me daily."

Catherine: What are the biggest pressures / struggles / blessings of owning your own business?
Hannah "Owning your own business is so easy, you get all the free time off you want and control your decisions so there's no issues, ever.  (wink) Just kidding! The pressures of owning your own business come mostly from yourself, at least for me. I have a very high expectation of my goals, my follow-through, my implementation of ideas, my creativity of new ideas, my managing, and the list goes on. At times, I admit they are unrealistic, and I have "come to Jesus meetings" with myself, and get back on track. I love technology, but I depend on my notebook and the power of pen and paper to make this thing keep chugging forward! It's my brain dump, my planning center, my evaluation. Time-management is my struggle, my husband and I both own our own businesses, and have to continuously remind ourselves that there are other things to talk about at dinner!! 
The blessing IS the business, it's the chance to lead a group of fantastic people I admire so much. I admire their hearts for our clients, their passion, their commitment to perfection, their selflessness, their ownership to OUR business. We have the best team (stylists, front desk, assistants.. ALL), the best personalities, and we laugh all the time. I don't care that I hear unnatural guttural laughter from the break room; it actually warms my heart every time (and we have some loud laughers!! cough Greer, cough Ramsey) Most of all, I appreciate each one of them for their patience as they allow me to grow and shift and mold the business into my vision and culture. I shouldn't even say "my," because I genuinely feel it's OURS. Ownership has grown me, emotionally, in a way I would never had imagined, and I'm SO thankful for it. There's times for struggle and times for ease, but it is truly all a blessing and I believe that God will never bring something on that He won't equip me to handle!"

Shop: TopJeans

Catherine: How would you describe your personal style?
Hannah "If it's style in a clothing sense, then usually various forms of black, it's the color that I feel most comfortable and confident in. Chic casual is what I usually go for, whether I attain in, that your call! As long as I have shoes on that I love, and bright lipstick, I'm pretty lax about the actual outfit! And I like messy hair.
If it's my style of hair I do, then I would describe it as glamorously natural! I have a lot of curly/wavy clients who I love for them to embrace what they're been given. My cuts and color are wash-and-wear for the most part, as long as you have the right product concoction! I believe in product, and know that essentially none of us can get that "effortless" look without them. Thank you Lord for hair product :) My styling whether editorial or bridal, follows suit. I love pretty looks, avant-garde is fun and has its moments, but I love to see hair shine and move and showcase texture. Runway hair is the best challenge for a stylist, as it requires incredible detail and perfection; I appreciate those looks just as much!"

Catherine: What inspires you and keeps you motivated?
Hannah "The beauty in life. Relationships and nature, things that bring a smile and a laugh; my faith, or the grace of it, is my deepest motivation to give my best, my all, even when I don't feel like it!"
Catherine: Any advice for someone perusing a career in the hair? 

Hannah "THERE WILL BE MOMENTS YOU WANT TO QUIT! Especially hair school, shew, it can be a doozy to not get tired of the hair you have to do to get your license. But then, your world opens up and you can create and learn to perform whatever you want! Keep persevering through the moments that discourage you, learn from each head of hair you touch, and always evaluate how it could be better. Be okay with admitting you just ROCKED a look, and be proud of yourself. Admit when you make mistakes though, and then do what's necessary to fix it. Assume the best in people, clients and co-workers, and find your joy, then let that joy spread. 

Random fun facts:

-Currently listening to on repeat: Taylor Swfit's 1989 album..still. I know.
-Your go-to pick me up: Cappuccino from Epic or Olive Cafe 
-Everyday you: Run into the corner of something
-Something we don't know about you: I grew up in West Africa
-You never leave home without : My wedding rings? Probably the only thing I've yet to forget at home
-Always interested in: A new book, I love to read!
Catherine: What is on the horizon for Beauty Bar?

Hannah "Style Bar!! It's our newest project, and we are very excited about it! We have our seasonal menu current released, and just paired with Jess James for her Gatsby Lawn Party offering "The Daisy." We are also pairing with Pure Barre next month for an event and doing a special "Barre" look for them! We will be offering a new holiday style too, TBD, so keep an eye out!"
Lux Textures TOP

As we transition into fall we are all about layering mixed prints and textures
Click to shop: Sweater , Dress , Bag & Hat

Another go-to is Faux suede Everything! The " Strong Suit " Dress was love at first sight. The hourglass shape, the front pockets that really give it that suit-y feel to the gold buttons that really dress it up.
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Movers & Shakers : Jess James TOP

We are so excited to be doing a series of interviews with the Movers & Shakers in our community and beyond. I was inspired to do this series while at an event with women & friends who are all on a journey to pursue building great businesses while having a positive impact. Once we let our guard down, we realized that each one of us was secretly intimidated yet inspired by each other’s strengths and talents.

At the event, I had a chance to catch up with Jess James and exchange stories about all that we have going on. Rewind 10 years to when I first met Jess… She was a writer for the Star News. I had just opened Hallelu one month earlier and she requested an interview. Jess came through the doors of Hallelu looking so elegant and put together. Like a modern Lauren Bacall with that 1940’s silver screen glow to follow. I was instantly intimidated by her. But Jess has a gracious way that makes you feel right at home and so comfortable. We have been friends and partnering together in all sorts of projects and events ever since.

I asked Jess to come to Hallelu for an interview so that I could turn the tables, and of course do a little shopping together.

Catherine: We know that you have your finger on the pulse of all things fashion. Can you tell us a little more about what you do?

Jess: “Sure! I am a Fashion Editor, Personal Stylist, Vintage Huntress (Style Girl Vintage) and I produce style-based parties & events.”

How/when did you get into fashion?

Jess: “It all started by exploring in my Nana's seven closets... Before moving South, I worked in PR / Special Events coordinating fashion shows and most memorably, pulling dresses for the Oprah Winfrey Show. As Director of Fashion & Beauty for a Manhattan-based agency, I connected clients with trendsetters and brand ambassadors, coordinated media tours with indie artists, styled photo shoots, and developed hot lists for industry insiders. While scouring the streets for trendsetters and buzz-worthy boutiques for a trend forecasting company after my move to Wilmington, I launched my "Style Girl" column (in the Star-News) and began developing my brand.”

What brought you to Wilmington?

Jess: “This is kind of embarrassing... but two words: The Notebook. Shortly after the book came out, I was on a family vacation traveling up the coast. Since my sister was a huge Dawson's Creek fan and my mom and I were on a Nicholas Sparks kick, we insisted we stop in Wilmington. We spent the day walking around downtown and something just clicked. I knew I'd live here one day. When my job in NYC became a little too "Devil Wears Prada," we made the leap and randomly showed up in Wilmington with all our belongings and no jobs. Lucky thing this is an entrepreneurial town.”

What is your style aesthetic?

Jess: “As a stylist, I love playing with a variety of looks so I can be a bit of a style chameleon. I may wear something modern one day and bohemian the next, but my one constant is that I'm almost always wearing something vintage.”

What draws you to vintage?

Jess: “I love the history, story-telling and the thrill of the hunt associated with vintage. I also love knowing that no one will show up wearing the exact same thing.”

Do you have any advice on how to integrate vintage into your wardrobe (for someone who is not used to wearing vintage)?

Jess: “The trick to wearing vintage is to pair it with something modern so your look won't look dated. An easy place to start testing the waters is with vintage costume jewelry. I'm always on the hunt for deco jewelry on Etsy. Do a search and see what style you connect with - mid-century, deco, 70's, etc.”

What are you craving for fall?

Jess: “Fall always makes me crave texture. My husband teases me about being a cashmere junkie. I confess!  As for cravings, I’d say suede skirts, breaking out my favorite pair of vintage mod boots and hot chocolate at Blue Surf Cafe. Yum!!!”

Jess seen here effortlessly pairing Hallelu with vintage finds for a uptown meets bohemian chic look.  Hallelu Top , Skirt & Hat . Shoes and Accessories are Style Girl Vintage
What drives you and keeps you inspired?

Jess: “I recently had the privilege of having a dream trip to San Fran curated by the CEO of Airbnb (Brian Chesky). Brian said, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." I took this advice to heart. I think it's vital to surround yourself with people that encourage and inspire you.  Anytime you do the same thing for a prolonged period of time, you start feeling pressure to reinvent yourself. Instead of always focusing on the new and now, I try to remember to celebrate the journey.”

What is your favorite aspect about what you do?

Jess:  “Knowing when I have positively affected someone else's life. It brings me so much pleasure to hear from a client that not only did they receive multiple compliments, but that they actually enjoyed getting up and dressing for the day (after we had a styling session in their closet).”


We stopped by Style Girl Vintage to check out all of Jess' latest treasures.
Jess still possess that Lauren Bacall glow and timeless elegance. (Seen here wearing Hallelu Dress , Style Girl Vintage Jacket, Shoes & Accessories)

Photos By Abby Oliver

Check out Jess's latest project & upcoming events:

Gatsby Lawn Party

Saturday October 17th 11am-4pm
Rain Date: Sunday October 18

Paula Corbett’s Lawn
6604 Spring Garden Drive (off Airlie Rd)


Wilmington High Street
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